About Us

Seize the moment!

No time is better than now to captive all the senses to make a visit to Bobby Dazzler a memorable one. The world is ready for Bobby Dazzler. Bobby Dazzler has been tested, tried and proven. It is catchy and world recognized name that may be the next Lululemon of the retail world. Many great retail concepts are created in Vancouver and Bobby Dazzler is one of them. One is not able to walk by Bobby Dazzler without stepping inside to capture the fast pulse, the cool ambiance, the right tunes, the bright lights, and the sight of all the products beautifully displayed in a positive upbeat setting. Bobby Dazzler will intoxicate the consumer by giving them the impulse to make a purchase without leaving. Bobby Dazzler will appeal to all the senses as it is hot and upcoming on the retail scene today. Bobby Dazzler’s got what’s hot!

You know you’ve got it when you offer the latest, trendiest, and hottest product that are in! Products range from many industries such as fashion, novelties, t-shirts, lighting, accessories, name brands, licensed products, to other popular categories that the consumer is looking for including barware, wine, massage, sports, drinking, décor, games, puzzles, toys, party paraphernalia for the bachelor or bachelorette, birthday, age related items plus anniversary gifts, name brands, and licensed products.

Bobby Dazzler has something for everybody

It appeals to ALL the age groups and to all individuals in varying levels of income because Bobby Dazzler’s got what hot! Bobby Dazzler welcomes everybody from all walks of life as there’s got to be something you want that can be made into a need. Many have said it is the store that is the toy store that “big kids” were looking for. It makes those wants into needs. It is impulsive shopping at it’s height. You need nothing but want everything store.

Our goal is to provide the consumer with the products that are often termed as the “hard to finds“, the nostalgia, the “old” school, the hip-hop, the cool, and the “in style” all in the same store. Bobby Dazzler’s intention is to be one that has something for everyone within a range of affordability.
It’s not just the name Bobby Dazzler that will leave one with the lasting impression of wanting to come back for more…. It’s everything that their senses first drew them into the store and made them walk into it.
Bobby Dazzler “Got what’s Hot!”