From Retailer to Healer for Humanity

The author Jasbir Rai, aka Bobby Dazzler

After retailing for nearly 30 years, the time had come to become a healer for humanity. Bobby Dazzler was originally the name of the retail store but it soon became the higher-self pseudonym used by the author, Jasbir Rai.

Her two newly-released books are Retail Jail: Retail Apocalypse and G-D’s Eye: Universal Awakening. She is an entrepreneur, spiritual innovator, rebel, ideas generator, thinker, thought philosopher, mover/shaker and a lover of people. She learned so much from people daily in the retail world, a learning which she now uses to elevate the true nature of humanity towards light and awakening. Accessing knowledge from the Divine Creator, she shares this esoteric light, helping humanity rise to higher vibrations. Known in the Jewish Community as Jasper (Rikva) Kastiel, she is a BA graduate of Simon Fraser University, currently residing in West Vancouver, British Columbia with her two children.


Bobby Dazzler was a local British Columbian retailer who had been a leader in the industry for nearly 30 years. Bobby Dazzler was a strong, local strategic retailer that was able to last many years in a field that is notorious for many ups and downs. In Retail Jail, the author spoke up about the abusive nature of large organizations.

“Small retail is not able to survive nor thrive due to some very significant bullying that took place. Sharing this experience may seem like whistle blowing. However, the truth does need to be revealed so that others can also learn and be helped to under stand just how the struggle was in the retail world for this small retailer,” she said.

After going through many general and personal challenges including experiencing the retail apocalypse first hand, she changed directions to become a healer. After dealing with humanity on a material level, a self-discovery evolved from the struggles, problems and all the adversity that was experienced. This led her to choose another path much more aligned to the soul purpose.

In the meantime, a wonderful personal story had been created that was meant to be shared for many to enjoy about this small, local independent retailer who lasted so long in the challenging retail world. This experience essentially acted as a catalyst for the next manuscript on spirituality. Bobby Dazzler closed its retail doors in June 2017. 

With the release of the two books, she has been engaged in personal spiritual growth, establishing a new role as a healer for humanity. 

(BA, 1996, SFU and Certificate in Liberal Arts, 1993, SFU)

Farewell to the retail store in the mall. Bobby Dazzler moves on to better things. (image from back cover of the book, Retail Jail, Retail Apocalypse.)